In a personal or professional capacity

The SIC® model can be used for personal or professional purposes. It can be used as a basis for thinking about a choice or a project from the perspective of personal preferences and predispositions.

The use of the SIC® model and its tools is reserved for use in accordance with the ethics and deontology of Professional Mediators, trained in relational engineering techniques.

Applications for individuals

Individual interests

The SIC® Study represents your ways of receiving information, your ways of thinking and your styles of expression. It presents the characteristics of your natural functioning modalities which translates into what we can call functional fatalism.

It restores the mechanisms of shifts between :

  • your modes of receiving and elaborating your thoughts
  • your intentions and actions
  • your actions and what you perceive of them

It allows you to anticipate the risks of overbidding.

It allows you to leave behind the models that convey the illusion of behavioural decoding by providing an effective means of enriching your communication methods.

Uses and applications as a private individual

  • Take stock of your personal positioning
  • To help you reflect on the adequacy between your operating style and your professional activity
  • Better understand the causes and consequences of your relationship dynamics
  • Clearly identify conflicting modes of functioning (your own and others’)
  • Anticipate relational risks
  • Adapting in crisis situations

Corporate applications

Interests for groups

The Study of the Structure of Interactions in Communication – SIC® is of interest to individuals and groups, specifically in the field of relational quality and conflict prevention and resolution. As such, it can be used :

  • in the framework of collective action,
  • in continuing education
  • within companies in order to promote the integration of people,
  • team building,
  • mission facilitation,
  • prevention of tensions and conflicts.

Licence for organisations

If you wish to use the SIC® study in the context of a company intervention, a licence for use can be granted. Prior to this, you must have completed a specific training course on the SIC® model.

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